Integrating Omniplan and Sharepoint


I use Omniplan on my Mac and love it. My stakeholders use a mixture of Macs and PCs. My IT team are largely Microsoft based.

We have been given a Sharepoint site which my client has access to. I would like to somehow integrate Omniplan in with Sharepoint, so I can publish directly to it.

Has anyone tried integrating Sharepoint and Omniplan before? Apologies in advance, I’ve very little experience with Sharepoint so I’m not sure of all its capabilities.


I have the same question.

I use omniplan, but are setting up a team Sharepoint site.
Can the two talk to each other?

~ Paul

I don’t have experience with SharePoint. OmniPlan can publish html pages and .ics calendar files. Perhaps they could be hosted on the SharePoint site?

Thank you for your help.
With MS Project you can hold a copy and send tasks down into sharepoint for distribution.
Tasks completed (or progress) can then be amended by task owners, and this is synced back up to Project.
I would like the same functionality with OmniPlan.

I have tried importing the various methods into the ‘tasks’ list, but it doesn’t work.
I was hoping I could at least ‘publish’ to it.

~ Paul