Integrating send feedback and forum posts together?

Hmmm… Here’s an idea about a common problem we have at the forums. Oftentimes, the moderators will pop up with the reply:

“Don’t forget to also send feedback via e-mail. We may not always be keeping up with the forum posts.”

Maybe there can be a button for “CC: OF2 Preview”. A forum participant can type in their feedback for everyone else to see and also have it CC’ed to of2preview… Maybe that will work?


That’s interesting. Could also be in the form of a bookmarklet that calls a mailto:// link with the selected text as body. (And a subject, of course.)


Here it is. Copy this bookmarklet, paste it in your URL bar, and then drag the small icon at the very left of the snippet to your favorites bar. You can quickly send an email (using your default mail client) to


Or, head to this page and drag the link to the favorites bar. You’ll want to rename it once it’s up there.


I always vote for Uservoice/Getsatistaction/Google Moderator kind of combined feedback collection and voting: you start with seeing the most popular requests that you can vote for or search by keywords. And if you believe your suggestion is not there yet, type it. Before you post, you can choose one of the similar problems that best match the text you just typed.

It both guarantees the users that the most popular requests are heard and helps product management guys to focus on the most asked-for and not waste time processing each and every suggestion.


Create a new topic about feature request, then like it. Sorting by like just works… It’s how we track and vote for bugs on

@fantasticfears, I disagree that is better than GetSatisfaction or Moderator. One cannot always know what a “like” means. For example, a thread is spawned with a suggestion. Some like the original suggestion. Others reply to say why they don’t agree - and some like that. Others reply to say that they agree, but they would change use case “x” to be more like use case “y”. And still others like that.

To sort such a thread (an entirely reasonable and expected scenario in Discourse) by “likes” tells a Product Owner not much at all. The Product Owner needs to read through what we call the “verbose” entries to understand what the “like” actually means.

@yurkennis has it right. To get meaningful metrics from a suggestion box requires a voting mechanism in order to be really useful. The “like” feature does not approach a voting feature for usefulness, IMO.