Internal Omnifocus Links

When I click on a perspective link from a note, it takes me to the perspective as expected, but I have no easy way to go back to where I was. A browser style back button may be useful here, or have the option to have internal Omnifocus links open new windows.

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i was looking for this very functionality this morning. so many applications have this as standard - it would be really useful to be able to skip back to where i was if i’m only checking something somewhere else in the programme.

back and forward buttons (as in a web browser) would be very useful.

The “Open in a new window” setting from the Quick Open command (Command-O) also applies to opening OmniFocus links: checking that option means that any links you follow will open the target in a new window.


Nice! Thanks!

Even though I’ve checked “open in new window,” clicking links to perspectives that are in the notes field of a task still opens them in the window I’m viewing (with the no-back button issue cited above) – am I doing something wrong? Are others seeing Perspectives open in a new window from links included in tasks?