Interval between tasks

Hi. I’m new to OmniPlan. I’m making a test project to learn how to use it.

This test project is painting two walls in an apartment. As you know, between each coating of paint, there must be a drying interval (in my case 4 hours). I have one painter only.

The painter available time is every day from 8PM to 11PM and each coating takes 2h.

I tried putting the interval in the tasks connections, but it uses the interval only during the painter working hours, which is incorrect as the drying process is 24h.

So, I figured out I could put a task titled ‘drying’ between each coating, assigned to a resource titled ‘interval’ (working 24/7). It does work, BUT this way no walls can dry simultaneously.

Obviously this is a simple situation, but in real world scenarios it would be unmanageable if I had 20 walls.

Can anyone help me?

I haven’t thought hard enough about how it would scale, but you could set up the project calendar to be 24/7, and then set the painter’s schedule to 8-11pm. Then set the dependency between coats on the same wall to +2h. This allows the wall to dry even when the painter isn’t working.

(If you had multiple people involved, you might group them into a Resource Group and set the working hours on the group instead of the individuals.)
Does that help?

I think that way it works. The secret is to have the default calendar 24/7 availability and each painter a custom calendar.

Thanks for the help!