Introducing OmniFocus 2 for iPad!

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Introducing OmniFocus 2 for iPad!

How times change! When we introduced OmniFocus for iPad in the Summer of 2010, it was widely considered to have the best, most modern design of the three OmniFocus editions. So much so that when we set about building OmniFocus 2 for Mac, our top priority was to bring back the design lessons we’d learned from the iPad app back to the Mac app.

But then Apple inspired us with iOS 7, and our priorities changed. We completely redesigned OmniFocus 2 for iPhone, then OmniFocus 2 for Mac. We started getting rave reviews for these new designs—and now, instead of constantly getting questions about how soon we would make the other editions match OmniFocus for iPad, those questions flipped to ask when we were going to update the iPad app to match the new designs in the other apps.

I’m very pleased to announce that the long wait is over—that (for the first time!) all three editions of OmniFocus have the same design language:

Screenshot of the Forecast perspective
Screenshot of the editor

Beyond its new design, OmniFocus 2 for iPad offers two great new iOS 8 extensions, interactive notifications so you can immediately complete or snooze a reminder, improved searching, and background syncing. And, of course, all of the great features pioneered in the original iPad app, such as the built-in Forecast and Review perspectives.

It’s a great upgrade—but we didn’t stop there! On the Mac, one of the features we offer in the Pro version of OmniFocus 2 is the ability to go beyond the built-in perspectives by creating your own custom perspectives. Customers have often asked if we would ever provide similar capabilities for iOS, and I’m pleased to share that we’ve finally done just that, in the optional Pro upgrade to OmniFocus 2 for iPad:

Screenshot of the Perspective editor

With Pro, you can create your own combinations of view settings, searches, and filters to see your work in exactly the right way. You can also arrange the top-level sidebar however you like, for quick access to your favorite perspectives.

Whether or not Pro is for you, we know you’ll enjoy all of the other new features OmniFocus 2 has to offer! OmniFocus 2 is now available for just $29.99, and its Pro upgrade is now available as an optional in-app purchase for $19.99.

For those of you who purchased the first version of OmniFocus for iPad, we have a very special deal: we appreciate the support you’ve given us through the years, and we’re showing our appreciation in a very concrete way by giving you the $19.99 Pro upgrade for free. Thank you for your support through the years!

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Just downloaded and upgraded. Wonderful job. For me, the UI just seems to fit better on the iPad than the iPhone (but I’m finally used to the change on that device as well). Now I’m off to buy OmniGraffle 2 for iPad. Love your products and respect your efforts, even if we disagree on occasion…

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Can’t seem to download. I’ll keep trying can’t wait!

Still not showing up on the app store. Does everyone else see it?

Odd… Refused to show up on the App store from the iPad, but showed up for purchase in iTunes.

How do we do this?

Buying the Pro Upgrade in OmniFocus 2 for iPad will walk you through the process.

here are the instructions:

[quote]Open the App Store app directly on your iPad, then tap the Purchased icon at the bottom of the screen. If you scroll through the list of apps you’ve previously purchased —and if you’ve purchased OmniFocus 1 before—you will find OmniFocus for iPad (Version 1.6.5) in that list. Tap the iCloud icon to reinstall the app on your device.

After reinstalling OmniFocus 1.6, close and reopen the Purchase Pro Upgrade window to retry the validation. When successful, we’ll tell you that you’re eligible and you can then tap the Buy option to proceed with the (free) purchase.[/quote]

You will have to go to your iTunes purchases and re-install omnifocus 1 for iPad.

Launch OF2 for iPad. Click the get upgrade for $0.00.

OF2 for iPad will verify that you have OF1 for iPad installed.

Sync your data to OF2 for iPad. The easiest way is to use Omni Sync Services.

This is really superb - it now feels, at last, as though I’m running the same OmniFocus on my iPod touch, iPad and iMac - wonderful.

The extensions are going to make things so much better and I’m hoping that with iCloud Drive I can (will be able to) link to an document in iCloud from OF on iPad and have it available when I view it on my other two (assuming an internet connection!)

Thanks to you all at OMNI for your hard work and taking all those difficult decisions - the long term view pays off.

Oh, and thanks so much for the free upgrade to Pro - the “purchase” was seamless and the new controls work beautifully. Yippeee!

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This is probably a stupid question, but I’m going to ask it anyway…

I’ve been intrigued by the “phablet” concept for a while. Even tried using iPad Mini as phone for a couple of months – it wasn’t the size that finally stopped the experiment, but the fact that voice over IP still has limitations.

Anyway, I have a 6+ on order, and am going to try it as my sole iDevice for a while. The problem is (relevant to this forum) I like OmniFocus for iPad better than the iPhone version (for example the ability to review among other features!!!).

Can an iPad program even be installed on an iPhone?

Resolution shouldn’t be a huge deterrent. The original iPad Mini has a lower density, and is upgradable to iOS 8.

I have gone the other way on more than one occasion, but have never tried installing an iPad app on iPhone. To my recollection, they are not even listed in App Store.

Thoughts anyone?

Unless Omni changes the code for the iPhone version, or some kind of jailbreak is released, that won’t be possible. Even universal apps, when running on iPhone, won’t behave like if they were on an iPad.

No, an iPad version cannot be installed on an iPhone, and the iPhone 6+, while very large (and supporting some things in landscape orientation), is not an iPad. It won’t work (and probably won’t install).

It looks like many developers will rejigger their apps to detect the iPhone 6 Plus and create an iPhone 6 Plus optimized user interface when using it in landscape (wide) orientation. Otherwise, the app will function as the standard interface in portrait (tall) orientation.

Highly doubt that the iPad interface will fit in the iPhone 6 Plus - particularly portrait (tall) orientation.

I’m finding that I can use OF2 for Mac mostly for archiving and heavy duty project/task planning. Otherwise, I can imagine myself mostly using OF2 for iPad and only firing up OF2 for Mac when I need to do heavier project/task management.

OF1 for iPad didn’t have project based perspectives and perspective creation. Thankfully, it’s in OF2 with the Pro upgrade. That was the biggest jump for me.

I was surprised that my transition was so smooth when I went from OF2 for Mac to OF2 for iPad. I bought OF2 for Mac first to familiarise myself with the new design language and user interface. I was able to leverage my experience in OF2 for Mac and seamlessly move into OF2 for iPad.

I’m thankful for such as a great trio of products in the OmniFocus line. I can remember the moans and groans when we were going through the OF2 for Mac beta. All those bumps and bruises during the beta test have finally paid off. Congrats to the Omnifolks!

It’s fantastic!

Thanks for keeping the advanced view options in Flagged and whatnot–was really afraid that would go the way of the iPhone version. Hope this might be a sign that we’ll eventually get that level of control on phone, too!

What a fantastic App, it’s almost provided the power of the Mac app on the iPad. Congrats to the team who worked on it.

Lots of the features lacking in the first version of the iPad app are here: Full Perspectives, Estimated Duration, adding multiple tasks easily,

My only slight downside is that you can get less items in the left hand panel than you used to be able to on Version 1. I know it scrolls, but my items used to just fit.

Looking forward to some back end data changes soon to become even more useful.

Final downside is that I don’t need the Mac version now. only used it 2-3% of the time in the past, but will hardly touch it now.

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Yes the data density of the sidebar is very low. Would like to be able to reduce the font size and spacing to eliminate some of the scrolling.

It is a nice update.

Here’s what one blogger said:

But it is still early in the game. We are just starting to see the first wave of iPhone 6 Plus optimised apps. We’ll see how Omni’s apps will look like on a 6 or 6 Plus.

Hopefully, Omni will create an iPhone 6 Plus optimised version of OmniFocus 2 for iPhone soon. And maybe they’ll also offer a “pro” in-app upgrade to OF2 for iPhone.

One simple question before I purchase this app… the reason I stopped using the old OF1 and switched to Wunderlist is because OF1 made dumping tasks into Inbox a chore. I had to tap a button to bring up a task window each time I wanted to input something into the Inbox. With Wunderlist, all I have to do is TYPE and PRESS ENTER. Is this preferred functionality on OF2? Thanks for your expedient response.