Invalid external zip data identifier

Update: As of today, May 10th, the problem I described below on May 3rd 2017 has since magically fixed itself. Go figure. …

When I try to archive old projects/tasks, after selecting “File->Move old data to archive…”, changing the cutoff date, and selecting the “Move to archive” button, an alert pops up saying “Invalid external zip data identifier” and “Identifiers for external zip data must be non-empty”. Thinking perhaps the old archive was somehow corrupt I renamed it and tried again. I got the same message. OF did create a new archive file (~/Library/Containers/com.omnigroup.OmniFocus2.MacAppStore/Data/Library/Application Support/OmniFocusArchive.ofocus-archive).

I ‘googled’ it and fount nothing interesting. I think I need to open a ticket of OF support, but I thought it better to check here first. Perhaps I’m not holding my tongue out just right. ???

Hey there @corneo! I’m sorry about the trouble here. We have seen this issue before, but only rarely, and I think getting in touch with support is probably the right thing to do. The team is usually able to reply within a business day or so, and I’m sure they can help set OmniFocus straight.

@teki I finally got around to looking into this problem a bit further today and, magically, it is no longer failing. Nonetheless, thank you very much for responding. I certainly appreciate it.