iOS 10 Notification widget

Is there a plan to ship an updated build of OF for iOS with an updated notification widget featuring the more/less toggle and the correct coloured background?

All my other apps have updated and so my OF widget looks totally out of place!

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It’s coming as soon as Apple approves the 2.17 release (it got held up due to an iOS 9 bugfix version that had to get approved first). Image from @kcase’s Twitter here.



Be on the lookout for 2.17 for iOS soon. If you want to get an early look, you might apply for testing on iOS at I’m hoping it will not be too long of a wait before it is available to everyone.

When you get 2.17, check out the compact view if you have a force touch device. It is really cool! You can complete items and add new inbox items from it as well as from the Today widget. If you have a Watch, the Watch app has cool new features for watchOS3 too.


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