Ios app very slow startup

Hello, I am using Omnifocus + Pro on both my iphone 6 and ipad air 2. No problems at all on my air 2 but it takes 7-8 seconds on my iphone to open the app.

I have a small database (52 project, 414 actions, 17 zipped files) that sync on I have disabling push, stoping sync and only keep my database on my iphone but it doesn’t work.

Once the app is opened, I can send it in background, then open it again and it quickly opens. But when I am not using it for some hours, that is when it takes 7-8 secons (fresh startup as well).

any ideas, inputs? I am about to stop using it and this is not what I want!

Sorry for the trouble here. Could you email us about this so we can investigate with you?

I already emailed you earlier today using the contact app. I didn’t mention that much details however.

thank you