iOS Automation for OO

I’ve been going big with iOS automation and loving it. I use the URL method to pull text out of other documents (Drafts 5!!) and drop them into an outline. I can also use iOS shortcuts to open a specific outline.

Here’s the limitation. I can’t make the two steps work together. Ideally I would like to hit one shortcut that opens a predesignated outline and drops the text in at the bottom. But the shortcut stops in outliner and I can’t make it come go iOS shortcuts in order to open the second step. Any suggestions? Or any reason that this limitation exists and chance it might be fixed in the future?

Hello, could you tell me how to ‘use iOS shortcuts to open a specific outline.’ ?

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I think there is probably a better way, but if you open the specific OO document and then go back to the shortcuts app, it should come up as a Siri recommended action. Sometimes you have to do that more than once but it has always come up for me.