iOS Mark Project as Complete When Completing Last Action?

Hi all,

Maybe I’m goofy, but I can’t find a setting on iOS equivalent to the Mac option for projects so that the project is completed when the last action is completed. Am I missing something?



I don’t think there is such setting – a pity for my iOS-only workflow nowadays.

I’ve emailed it in as a feature req.

Sucks, because the setting behaviour is honoured on iOS (if done on a Mac and sync’d), but just can’t actually set (or unset) the setting in the UI.


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Exactly. :-/

The biggest thing I’m missing on the iOS version is batch editing my tasks. I have to go to my Mac to get this done easily.

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I end up not using it because I’m so iOS based. But it would be fantastic to be able to set that in my weekly reviews. I’m going to email it in right now!

I too would love this. Just got rid of my mac for an iPad pro, and I used this feature quite a bit up until now.

Side comment:
Can’t imagine doing that. Almost getting rid of my iPad, due to so many limitations. :P

True with so many other programs, but for OmniFocus I’ve got pretty much all I need in the iOS app. Omni support even helped activate a couple features not in the app menus. To clarify, this replaced my personal laptop. As a Windows IT consultant, I didn’t have much of a need for a Mac for Work, and wanted to simplify at home to just a small iPad Pro instead of a laptop. But I still do have a Windows Work Laptop for those many iPad limitations.

I assume Omni won’t mind, but they responded to me with this when I emailed in for a feature request. I hope this helps anyone else looking for this feature.

If you’d like all of your new projects to default to being marked complete when the last action is completed, there is a hidden preference for that! It won’t change existing projects, but will affect all future projects. To change this default, click the following link:


If you ever need to change it back, swap out ‘yes’ at the end of the link for ‘no’ and it will return to not auto completing projects.

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