iOS OF3: Review — Show folders in the outline?

I like to do my Reviews on my iPad, as there is less opportunity for distraction.

On macOS, there is the View Option to show folders in the outline.

Is this option available on iOS (can’t seem to find it)? I changed the option on macOS and synced in hopes that the change would propogate over.
I have several project folders that have similar project names, such as Analysis, and this would help me differentiate between them. I tried adding a tag (which is redundant), but the tag isn’t displayed for the project either.

It’s not currently possible to show folders in the outline on OmniFocus for iOS (the way you can with OmniFocus for Mac).

If you haven’t already, I encourage you to submit this request to the Omni Group by emailing or by tapping Settings > Contact Omni on an iOS device.

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Thanks. Will do Tim. I was hoping I was wrong.

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