iOS Omnifocus 1.16 syncs with.. nothing

New iPhone
Downloading all stuff from my iCloudbackup
Starting Omnifocus 1.16
Omnifocus says my database is too old
Would I like to trash the database on the iphone or in the sync
I choose to trash my local database on iphone
Now it syncs… but iphone gets nothing… nada…zip…
I deleted my omnifocus on my ijphone
Dowloaded Omnifocus again
Syncs with the syncservice…
I get again… nada…
What else can I do?

OmniFocus 1.16? What other versions do you have on other devices?

Note if you updated recently to an encrypted database (i.e. latest OmniFocus for macOS), then OmniFocus 1.16 won’t be able to sync with it. You’ll need the latest version of OmniFocus for iOS, which is 2.x (purple with black checkmark).

It’s the only version I’ve got. I have it on my iPad, where it works.
I don’t like the how the version 2.XX looks like on the ipad/iphone
And on top of that I have to pay about USD 49… for something I don’t like to use.

Good morning,

Sorry you’re running into trouble!

Please email for help, as we’ll likely need to take a look at your Omni Sync Server account, and we’ll need emailed verification from your registered email address for that. That having been said, responses after a weekend typically take a little while, so here are a few things that are worth checking first:

  1. As @CatOne mentioned, it’s possible that you’re running into an issue with a migrated database being incompatible with the version of OmniFocus on your iPhone. It doesn’t sound like you’ve been using OmniFocus 2 on iOS, but if you are using 2.6.1 on your Mac, and haven’t synced the iPhone version in the last 3+ weeks, then 2.6.1 may have offered to migrate your database. If that’s the case, we’d be happy to point you towards a pre-migration backup.
  2. Since you are using OmniFocus 1.16 for iPhone, please make sure that it is version 1.16.3. OmniFocus 1.16.2 and earlier had a bug regarding larger databases, beginning in iOS 7; we shipped a fix for that in September of 2013, but if you’ve been restoring from iTunes, you may be using an older version.

If this doesn’t help, make sure that you include your Omni Sync Server account name when you contact support, and please email from the address you’ve registered with our server; that will help them get back to you more quickly.