iOS or bust ? the results are still coming in :-(

The second of Panic’s excellent iOS apps to prove unsustainable, alas:

Thin pickings at the intersection of iOS and professional, it seems …


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OK … spam ? advertisement ? promotional ?

bit surprising, and I do think that worrying signs about the sustainability of high quality professional software on iOS constitute an important and relevant issue.

But, if others don’t want to discuss that here, then fine – I quite understand.

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Earlier context:

Panic blog: 'there’s not a lot of overlap right now between “pro” and “iOS”. ’

and more recent context - the prospect of a unified (UIKit ?) macOS and iOS development platform:

  • Technically it sounds promising,
  • Economically it raises the questions of whether customers:
    1. will expect to buy just one license for both platforms
    2. will have price expectations shaped more by the iOS ecosystem than by the macOS tradition.

It seems to me that these questions are of particular relevance to The Omni Group and its macOS and iOS customers, not least in the context of the market signals coming from Panic Inc.

( Of course one would hope that a more integrated development platform might reduce some of the development costs )

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Hello it fixed? 🙄

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What do you mean? The thread restored? Or a replacement product shipped by someone?

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