iOS Pro only, not on Mac

Does anyone use OF pro on their devices only, but not their Mac? I’m considering doing that for a while. Can anyone share their experience with that? Thank you.


There is another recent thread that discussed this.

I just realized I didn’t word my question properly. I have the standard version on both iOS and Mac, but I was wondering if I could forgo the pro version on Mac. I see the value of having the pro version, but was wondering if I needed it on both platforms.

You won’t be able to use/create/edit custom perspectives on your Mac unless you purchase the Pro upgrade for Mac. You will use/create/edit your custom perspectives only on devices that have the Pro upgrade. You will need to buy the Pro upgrade for whatever platform you want to use it on. If you buy Pro for iOS, you’ll have the ability to use custom perspectives only on the iPad Pro. If you didn’t purchase Pro for Mac, you can still use everything else but you won’t bee able to see any of your custom perspectives.


OK, That’s what I thought. It’ll all still sync together just not the perspectives. Maybe I’ll get the Pro for Mac later. Thanks