iOS Share sheet app sharing search tweak

Hi there,

I’m looking to turn emails into tasks in Omnifocus via my iPhone. I thought using the app sharing option within the share sheet would be a good method (The Dispatch iOS email app lets me do this). However, if I want to choose what project and context to apply, l usually have to drag the list down first to show the search function to find the appropriate item.

Could this not be already open, and maybe even have the keyboard already activated for it so that I can immediately start filtering the list of options shown?

Also, am I doing this all wrong? Is there a better way to get tasks from iOS email apps into Omnifocus?



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Hi Patrick why don’t you use the “maildrop” function. See for details on how to get emails into omnifocus. This works by simply forwarding the email to an omnisync server email account unique to you that will drop it into your database.

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This is a fine way to get your tasks into OF, and I agree it takes a lot of taps to assign a context and project. For now, however, you should either (1) continue doing what you are doing, or (2) use Dispatch (or maildrop) to quickly send everything to your OmniFocus inbox, and process it from there.

I understand that batch editing is coming to iOS to make this quicker, and I suspect we will also see some quicker keyboard navigation elements as well.

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