iOS Shortcut to add Actions to Calendar—not quite there

I usually plan my week by dragging Omnifocus actions onto Calendar/Fantastical & thought that I could automate it in Shortcuts.

I’ve attached a screenshot of the Shortcut, which also specifies its successes & failures, and a link to it.

It seems as though the Shortcut ingredients are all doing their thing but that the iteration through the list of flagged actions isn’t working—it’s combining the events into a single event. Do you know how I can fix this please? TIA!

Here is a link to the prototype Shortcut from my iCloud.

The problem is the variables you are using inside the Repeat loop. ‘Items’ is the whole collection, and I expect Shortcuts is automatically concatenating the strings of all the items. Instead, use the magic variable ‘Repeat Item’, which receives the next item from the collection on each step of the loop. You’ll see that it has of all the OF Item attributes (title and dates).

A separate problem is your ‘Limit’ parameter in ‘Find Items’. It takes a numeric value between 1 and 1000 (an arbitrary limit). Unless you are deliberately passing this value as input to the shortcut, you should hard code it.

Thank you @MultiDim,
I’m not there yet but, as you suggest using ‘Repeat Item’ gets me a little further forward. I can now create multiple calendar events, it’s just that they inherit the due date from the first OF3 action and all events end up with all OF links.

I’ll need to refresh my memory on how to use Shortcuts to nail this.

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