iOS Spotlight full of garbage results from OF backups

Suddenly seeing tons of useless iOS Spotlight search results for tiny zip files with names like “20180603112832=j2Irmzom8XV+cIKWRJBstwj”, and I can’t find a way to get rid of them. My guess is this started with OmniFocus 3, because I didn’t notice the problem until recently.

In Settings → Siri & Search, I disabled search results for the Files app. This made no difference.

I eventually tracked down a bunch of these files on my Mac and found they live in OmniFocus backups inside “.ofocus-backup” packages. So I tried disabling Spotlight search results for OmniFocus. This made no difference

Don’t know why these are suddenly polluting my global iPhone search, but I don’t want this junk in there. Because these files contain both numbers and random strings, they will match practically any letter or number (even a single character), so I’m now seeing these garbage files every time I use Spotlight.

Has anyone found a workaround for this?

Uninstalling OmniFocus 3 removed the garbage search results. Reinstalling OF3 brought them back. :(

Hi @stormchild! I’m really sorry about the inconvenience. This may be a bug in the interaction between OmniFocus and Spotlight on iOS; would you mind sending in an email about this? We’d love to work with you to track down the problem.

Thanks. I already sent the same bug report by email before posting it here.