iOS Use Cases if you have MacOS already?

I currently work in an MSFT shop, and while I did force them to get me a Mac I may need to pop for my own copy of OmniGraffle. (I am not loving Visio in VM.) And I know there’s no real bundle or reason to save money but I’m curious what use cases folks have for having both iOS and MacOS versions? For the record, I’m a network engineer so I’d mostly be building network diagrams. Drawing with the pencil on my iPad Pro might be nice, but I don’t see that as being a $100 “must have”.

Yes go for it… it makes my life so much easier by being able to use an Apple Pencil on my iPad Pro for network diagrams.

All of our OmniGraffle versions now offer a free 14 day trial (2 weeks). You can switch between Standard and Pro trials in the gear menu to help you decide which version is the best fit. If you decide not to buy the iOS version, when the trial is over it switches to Reader Mode where it will continue to read OmniGraffle documents after the trial is over for free.

OmniGraffle 3 for iOS shines the most on an iPad Pro in landscape orientation in my opinion. That way you can use the embedded inspectors to save taps. If you have an external keyboard, we support keyboard shortcuts which also help. Command + Shift will show you the available shortcuts if you have a hardware keyboard connected to your iPad Pro.