iOS version has reverted to Free Viewer --> unable to Restore Purchase

On launching latest iOS OF tonight, it put me in the ‘Free Viewer’ version. Why?!

On trying to Restore Purchase, I was unable to do so - verification error.

Any ideas, please?


As was mentioned in another thread, just get in touch with and of course if it’s urgent, you could use their phone number or urgent email address.

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Thanks, Yes. My apologies for not seeing the thread you kindly mention… I did look - honest :-)

I suspect it’s Apple’s TFA system which isn’t working as well as it usually does.

Is it known that the latest iOS update requires a Restore Purchase?

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We definitely do not expect every update to require restoring purchase, so if you haven’t already please do contact sales. We can do a little bit of forensic investigation to try to find out why this is necessary for some customers and hopefully write a fix.

Thanks, Dave. If I can no longer see the ‘Free Viewer’ banner at bottom of screen can I assume that I’ve Restored?

Have contacted Sales! Appreciated.

That’s correct! I’m glad to hear you’re up and running.


It’s the first time this has happened in a very long time.

I’ll happily provide any details to support@ which will help you troubleshoot this :_)

I’m having the same problem. My email address of the account is and it reverted to Free on my iPhone.

You should email Omni support about this - it’s the best way to make sure they pick up the issue and resolve it for you