IOS8 a requirement?

I was just about to pull the trigger on OmniFocus 2 for iPhone and iPad, but then I see that IOS8 is a system requirement? I have an iPhone4S and an iPad2 and don’t want to update them to IOS8. Can I run it on IOS7 regardless of these requirements??

No, it cannot.

I would like a Omnigroup employee to answer this please. OmniFocus 2 was first released for ios7. What happens if I install it? Does it just download the current version (that doesn’t work on ios7, and I end up with non-functional app) or does it revert to a version that works on ios7? The normal behavior for apps, as I understand it, would be to revert to an older version. But apparently that is not always the case, so that’s why I ask.

This is what I am referring:
Install the latest compatible version of an app on an earlier version of iOS or OS X

Ok, so I figured it out myself. For future reference for other persons with the same question as I had: You can use Omnifocus2 on ios7. To be able to, you have to buy it in iTunes (as opposed to on the iOS device itself) and then download it on the iOS device. What happens then is that you are offered an older ios7 compatible version.

CatOne, thanks for the answer, although obviously wrong.

To be clear, while the App Store will let you download an older version of the application that is compatible with your device, no such version of OmniFocus 2 for iPad has ever existed. Furthermore, Omni can not deliver bug fixes or feature enhancements for old releases. To take advantage of these, you will need to upgrade your device to iOS 8.

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Thank you for the comment, I only tried with the iPhone4S so far, but now I know it won’t work with my iPad :) Thanks for the heads up!

Obviously I won’t get bug fixes etc. but I rather have a responsive device on ios7 than slow and unresponsive experience on ios8. Obviously if I run into a OmniFocus bug that I can’t live with, I will be forced to upgrade to ios8.

My answer isn’t really “wrong.” The latest version of OmniFocus 2 won’t run on iOS 7. If you want to use some “tricks” to get an older version of OmniFocus that will run on iOS 7, that’s a different issue. I was referring to the current version of OmniFocus, which requires iOS 8.

Well it wasn’t really “correct” either now was it? :)

Anyways, case closed. Thanks.