iPad frustrations

Just let me amend completion dates. I’ll live with the other shortcomings.

So many shortcomings on the iPad…

How about Javascript automation? Wasn’t that announced as a feature for OF3 like 6 months ago?

Or the ability to collapse and expand action groups? Heck, just doing anything useful with them would be nice. I tried to set up a test action group to make sure I hadn’t missed something tonight, and it took multiple tries to get it to work on the iPad. Also, I found a neat graphical bug when I then deleted the action group and the final element stayed showing on the screen until I switched projects a couple times.

The whole reason I started using OF and have kept it as my preferred task manager is the supposed ability to handle nested tasks and projects. You know what the iPad app is really bad at? Entering data into nested tasks and projects. Having to use that very fiddly touch interface to focus on a project before Cmd-N will allow you to create a new task in the project is very wasteful. If I have multiple projects on screen but have just edited a task in one, shouldn’t creating a new task place it in that project by default?

It’s in the current beta.

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