Ipad omnifocus 2 standalone. is it possible?

I am sure this is a common question, but I am not able to find a good answer online, so I write here for some help with deciding what to do.

The question is this: Is this realistic to use omnifocus 2 for ipad as a standalone app?Has anybody made that work? Specifically working in a Windows environment at work and using omnifocus on ipad for GTD?

I am relatively new to GTD and want to implement a simple, workable system. I have to use Win 7 and Outlook 2007 at work, so I cannot use Omnifocus on every platform i use. I have a mac at home, so I can use omnifocus on that if I want to. But I will not have omnifocus in my work pc, obviously, and I am not going to bring my mac to work.

I do bring an ipad to work (ipad mini 2), however, as I use it to keep my todo-list handy and for some reference material. I also own an iPhone (6) as my private phone, and I could put omnifocus on that also for easy capture.

I have been using Podio as my GTD-system (my work intranet is on podio), but it has some limitations, primarily the fact that I have to tinker a lot with that system to make it work as a GTD-system. And I really dont like tinkering too much, especially because I am new to GTD, I figure I can use some hand holding.

With the Mail Drop feature for capturing tasks via work email, it seems plausible that I could get a system working where Omnifocus 2 on the ipad is my primary GTD hub, eventhough Outlook is central for me as work email (and work calendar even).

But, really: Does anybody do this? Or is it only realistic to use omnifocus if you are in a truly mac-only workflow so as to benefit from having the app on all platforms.

Thank you!

I’ve been able to make it work going iPad only at work. The only time I need to use the Mac is if I want to archive complete tasks and do some heavy project editing.

it is easier to highlight multiple tasks and change a task attribute all at once on the Mac. I’ can shift-click to select multiple tasks easily and then change an attribute in the inspector panel on my Mac. On the iPad, I would have to go through the tasks individually and change an attribute.

As long as you have the pro upgrade for OmniFocus 2 for iPad, you can pretty much do almost anything.

In the work environment, you have no choice but to use what your office is using. I tend to keep my work projects and tasks on the work system. Then I keep my personal stuff on OmniFocus 2 for iPad. At my previous work, I used Asana to collaborate with other users. But whenever I needed to track my personal stuff, I’ll keep it In OmniFocus. I was listening to a GTD Virtual Study Group podcast and they discussed keeping two separate systems. It’s not really friction. You just get used to it. You’ll use Podio for your work stuff and OmniFocus for your personal stuff.

Besides, I don’t want my coworkers from seeing my personal grocery list or my home renovation project.

Now that I am freelancing, I’m able to keep work stuff in a work folder in OmniFocus. Then my personal projects go into the Personal folder in OmniFocus.

The most difficult part of transitioning to the iPad was just trying to remember how to do things in the iOS interface. On the Mac, I could drag and drop tasks and projects around. On the iPad, I had to remember to use the “Move” button on the iPad to move a project to a different folder. Or I had to remember to convert a task to a project with a button on the iPad. On the Mac, I just drag a task from the main outline to the project panel. I had to re-train my muscle memory to get used to the iPad version.

I also prefer using a bluetooth keyboard to go with the iPad. Apps that requires quite a bit of typing demands a bluetooth keyboard. Either get an external bluetooth keyboard or get one of those cases that have a keyboard.

I tend to use my old Apple bluetooth keyboard. The cases with bluetooth keyboard for iPad minis tend to be a bit small and requires some adjusting.


Thank you! This was a very helpful answer.

I realized that I need to keep my work and life systems separate as you recommend. I also decided to keep my work system in my authorized work environment, as you also recommend, that is I keep my lists now in Outlook 2007.

I have purchased the Outlook 2007 guide from David Allen’s consultation company, that guide was very practical and helpful. I also purchased TaskTask for iPhone and iPad to keep my Outlook-lists portable.

For personal lists I have set up a similar list system as the one Davis Allen recommends for Outlook 2007 in Wunderlist.

For a ubiquitous, digital inbox I just use the notes app for iPhone synced to Exchange for work and Fastmail for personal notes.

I also have set up physical Inboxes where those are relevant.

One project I have set up for myself is to install a trusted reference system, right now my stuff is everywhere: computer, Dropbox, OneDrive, Evernote. It is really a mess.

I find I now have a very well functioning system set up that I can build on as I continue to learn the GTD method.

Thank you again for your helpful reply. This really moved me forward, although I never gave any money to the Omnigroup…