iPad Perspective w/ Tag Question

During my Weekly Review, I want to tag those projects that I want to focus on this week with a “this week” tag. In the photo above, I did this with project “Increase knowledge…”. The task associated with this project does not have a tag.

I created a perspective called “Big Rocks” that looks like this:

However, when I click on this perspective, only the project shows and claims “no actions” are associated with the project:

However there is ONE task associated with that project. Is this because the task does not have the “this week” tag? Is there a way to create a perspective where the project (with tag) and all associated tasks related to that project (regardless if the individual tasks have a tag or not) are shown in the perspective? Thanks.

Tasks won’t automatically inherit tags from their parent project unless they were created after the project was tagged.

Make sure the actions themselves are tagged, and they’ll show up as expected. In general, perspectives operate on actions (as opposed to on projects), and include/exclude them accordingly based on criteria and containers (folders and projects).



I figured that’s the issue. Thanks @heyscottyj - you’re super helpful.

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Glad to help!

Possibly worth noting is that flags are instantly inherited (a flagged project’s actions will all get flagged), so that might be a helpful approach or consideration, too.

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