iPad version sets all projects to parallel

Since updating to OmniFocus for iOS 2.15.1 and iOS 9.3.4, all the sequential projects on my iPad have changed to parallel. My Mac and iPhone are unaffected. Resetting and restoring from the sync database does not help. Is anyone else seeing similar issues and if so have you found a solution? Thanks for any advice.

I’m not sure about the root cause, but I’m seeing a similar behavior. I’d been away from one of my computers for a while so just had the DB upgrade go through this weekend. This morning I open OF on my MacBook and see that my weekly and morning review tasks are now parallel instead of sequential. A quick spot check seems to indicate that every previously sequential project or sub-project is now parallel. I do run OF on iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

I’ve just done a quick spot check too and found that action groups also are affected.

Thank you for the report, and sorry for the trouble!

We didn’t see this during either private or public test releases, or we definitely would have fixed it! We’re not able to reproduce what you’re seeing, so there’s likely something very specific to your configurations. Would you mind answering a few questions?

  1. Did you move directly from the previous release versions of OmniFocus to the current release versions, or did you take part in our public or private tests? The last public release was OmniFocus 2.5.3 for Mac / OmniFocus 2.14.1 for iOS.
  2. I assume that you’ve both migrated to the new database format; if you haven’t, or if you restored a pre-migration backup, please let us know.
  3. If you have migrated, did you complete that migration on your Mac or iOS device?
  4. Are you syncing via the Omni Sync Server, or Custom WebDAV?

Thank you!

I moved directly from the previous release versions of OmniFocus to the current release versions, without using the beta.

I have migrated to the new database format on all three of my devices: MacBook, iPad and iPhone. I have not restored from backup.

I think I migrated first on the Mac, then iPad, then iPhone.

I am syncing via Omni Sync Server.

Thank you for the information!

Did you migrate on the Mac, and then sync across to the iPad and iPhone, or did you walk through a migration process on more than one device?

I’m sorry I don’t recall. If I had screenshots It might jog my memory.

Absolutely! Do these help?

Thank you for your reports, and our apologies for the trouble! The error only occurs with a fairly specific mix of changes before and after migration. The good news is that we have isolated the issue, and will begin working on a fix. In the meantime, let’s get everything working like it was before!

  1. On the Mac, select OmniFocus > Preferences, switch to the Organization pane, and set “New projects and action groups are:” to Sequential.

  2. Sync to each device, so that the new default is present everywhere.

  3. On each device, rebuild your database:

    • On Mac OS X/macOS, choose File > Rebuild Database…
    • On iOS, tap the link on the Rebuild OmniFocus Database page, or sync this URL to your device, and tap there: omnifocus:///debug?rebuild-database.

Until we have a bug fix available, please leave that default set to “Sequential,” with our apologies. Thank you for discovering an issue that we hadn’t found during our long public test, and helping us making OmniFocus better!

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Thanks for the quick response: that’s impressive.

Thank you for the quick report, and your help!

How will we be notified when it’s safe to set the default back to sequential?

The release notes will be the best place to check. We post them online at https://www.omnigroup.com/releasenotes/omnifocus so you can check before grabbing an update too.

Thank you for reporting this issue!