iPhone app really slow. Mac and iPad much faster

My iPhone has a lag of about 2-5 seconds between “checking off” an item and the app actually processing it. I find that horribly long. I just cleaned up everything (I followed this: https://support.omnigroup.com/reduce-size-omnifocus-database/)… It did not make any (noticeable) difference whatsoever.

I also use an iPad Mini 4 and a MacBook Pro Retina, which are both also “slow” compared to every other app I am using, but they are only as slow as OmniFocus always was. (which could of course also be complained about, but it is way, way better than what my iPhone is like for 2-3 weeks now. Using an iPhone 6S

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Any takers on this one?

I have the same symptoms (2-5 secs checking off time on iPhone 5). The database only has the size of about 150 items and I am currently doing the slimming down mentioned above. Not expecting that to help though, I thought I’d ask in advance.

I also agree, that the checking off has always been a little sluggish, which was especially annoying when trying to run through something like a checklist quickly. Nothing compared to the current state though


I was having lots of lag when syncing and found that I had a device that was significantly out of sync with the rest. This resulted in a huge number of zip files in the database (containing transaction information, presumably). If you, too, have a lot of them hanging around (more than 100), perhaps look at your sync devices to make sure they’re all up to date. Otherwise, email support.


I indeed have an iPad hooked up, which I don’t use all that often between the iPhone and the MacBook. So I have synced that now. Didn’t help though. I checked how many ZIP files I have floating around though and it’s a mere 2299, so that isn’t the problem either… oh wait… holy cow! :-D What’s going on there? How to get rid of them? Do Backups play into that as well?


Wow! That’s a lot!

It might take a couple syncs but it should clear up, even if it wasn’t immediate. Force a sync and see what happens.

If that still doesn’t help, check the list of sync devices and see if there’s not something there that’s either an old device or old installation. Anything that’s woefully out of sync should be coloured differently, as I recall.

I hope you’re just another step or two from clearing all that old cruft out😊

Wooohoo! You were right. It did clear out, when I checked now I was down to 7 zip files and it is like an entirely new app again! :-) Thank you!! :-)

In the morning there has indeed an old Macbook been lingering as a non-synced device. Had to re-install Mac OSX recently and thus now have a “new Macbook”. The last sync there was on Nov 2nd, that was probably the culprit.

Where did you get those gems of information from? :-)


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That’s great news. I’m pleased you’ve got it resolved.

I had the issue once, with a few hundred zip files, and one of the @SupportHumans helped me sort it out. I always knew that sync devices had some effect on sync speed, but not how or to what extent. They made it clearer.