iPhone iOS app to send note to OmniFocus email / inbox?

Does anyone know of a good iOS iPhone app that allows just sending an email to my OmniFocus email so it goes into my Inbox?

I have been using one, Squarespace Note:

It actually works great, you add your OF email and you can quickly send a message directly to your OF inbox. However due to the app’s settings, the text comes in duplicated as the action text and note text. So it’s a good solution but not perfect.

Any other apps that you guys are using to send an email note to your inbox?



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I used to use Captio for the same purpose, but it has the same shortcoming (text becomes title of task and note).

Now that there is a hovering inbox icon on all screens of OF2 for iPhone, though, I don’t feel the need for a separate app anymore.

Drafts, by Agile Tortoise is the best, hands down. It’s actually the only one mentioned on the new Inside Omnifocus website, at this moment.

You can very easily extend its functionality using actions, like these ones for Omnifocus listed in their Actions Directory. It’s brilliant!

You can go as simple as an email action (listed in the directory), or as sophisticated as using Pythonista, like @n8henrie does to send multiple tasks at once.

It’s so flexible, you don’t even need that. I, for instance, have configured on Drafts:

  • one email action, for when I want to quickly just enter a single action to my Inbox
  • one URL action to send multiple tasks to my Inbox (one per line on Drafts), relying on Reminders integration. Sounds complicated? It’s not. Check this blog post on HackMake, by Nick Wynja.

Dispatch is great

Agree Dispatch is great. Love it but, it is a totally different league. It’s an email client, not a note-taking app :D

Thanks to @ediventurin for the shout out :)

Here is my method (a few of them actually): http://n8henrie.com/2013/03/more-ways-to-send-tasks-to-omnifocus-with-launch-center-pro-and-drafts/

In short, I like Launch Center Pro, especially due to the pop-up prompt. However, the built-in email function from LCP still makes you “confirm” sending your email, which annoys me. So instead, I have it redirect to Drafts, whose email action doesn’t require confirmation, then redirect back to LCP via x-callback-url.

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So I downloaded Drafts and I am trying and trying to figure it out. I am sure its a powerful program but all I want to do is preconfigure to type a note and send it to my omnifocus email. I can’t see where to set my email. Also so far when I type a note and hit the email option it seems to launch my email program…which I could just do myself.

With the Squarespace app you type and swipe up to send, goes right to your preconfigured email. I am looking for something that simple.

(Also any option for margins? The text starts all the way flush with the left side…very visually awkward)

Any help would be great! Thanks!

@franklinmcmahon You have to install an action for what you want.

You can check this action from the Drafts Action Directory. Just open the open this link from your iPhone and click no the install button and you will have it added. Give it a try and let us know if it works ;)

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