iPhone plus pane view

Hi all,

Is anyone using OF3 on a plus model, and can they let me know if it can view as 3 pane in landscape?

I am considering a phone upgrade but will only go with plus if it can reveal more than the base model. Apologies if this is the wrong forum but since Apple seems no longer to add OF as a demo in store, I can not Verify!



you can only have one of the side panels pinned at a time but you can slide in the third over two pinned panels

BTW I have 7 plus but have only ever used OF in landscape I tried it to answer your post. But I’d recommend trying the larger screens format in any case - I was skeptical until I used it for a couple days & discovered I love it. But I haven’t needed it for OF.

Great, thanks for your reply. I don’t think it was just OF, I do like the larger screen but good to know anyway. Also maybe OO also good but that is another topic.