iPhone X-exclusive features?

  1. Are there any features planned that will be exclusive to iPhine X?
  2. Can we safely assume that on X OmniFocus will definitely have everything it has on iPhone 7(8) Plus?

In the past the only features that have been exclusive to a device have been due to capabilities other devices don’t have (our first Siri integration feature would be an example of this). I can’t think of any capabilities unique to the iPhone X that would translate to OmniFocus features that we’d want to implement right away, but perhaps folks here have some suggestions.

3D infrared scanned contexts.


Dave, as you wrote earlier, there is a sidebar in landscape on iPhone 6 Plus. Will it be supported on iPhone X?

I asked the engineer who has been working with the iPhone X simulator to make sure OmniFocus lays out correctly on the new screen. He says that in landscape the new device is the same “size class” as regular iPhones (“compact”) rather than the 5.5-inch iPhones (“regular”). So you’ll get the same landscape UI as if you were using an iPhone 7 or 8.

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