Is a move from OO4 to OO5 Essentials a Downgrade?

I have a licensed copy of the standard version of OO4. I have no problem paying a few bucks to get OO5 Essentials (and maybe OO5 Pro) but my real question is:

Is moving from OO4 to OO5E really an upgrade?

Given that OO5E is so stripped down, it actually seems like a backward step. Should I really forget that Essentials exists and just go straight to OO5 Pro?

I’d just be interested in how other users are considering the change.

@Splinky, I think I’m in the same boat as you. I was an OO4 standard user and have upgraded to OO5 Pro.

For me the feature that was missing in OO5 Essential is focussing (I think that’s what it’s called when you can only see the section of an outline that you’re working on). That’s a feature of OO4 I used every day, and so I upgraded to 5 Pro.

I may have felt a bit hard done by with focus being lost from Standard->Essentials, except that I think the upgrading pricing is very reasonable.

Yes, if you already know and enjoy outlining, you’ll want Pro (unless you found previous versions of OmniOutliner overwhelming). We significantly reduced the Pro upgrade price to be nearly the same price as previous Standard upgrades, and you’re the core customer that we’re built Pro for. We think you’ll appreciate having all the features you had before (like multiple columns, attachments, and focus), plus the new features that we’ve built for you like saved filters, word count, typewriter mode, and the distraction-free full-screen mode.

As I said when I introduced OmniOutliner Essentials, our goal with the new Essentials edition is to reach beyond our existing audience to introduce the joys and benefits of outlining to a much larger audience. For that audience, we’ve made the app much simpler and much more affordable. (But no, we don’t consider Essentials to be an upgrade of the old Standard edition.)

Great question. I hope this answer helps!


Thanks Ken, your answer really clarifies what was previously just my suspicion. Looks like it’s Pro for me.