Is current version of OmniFocus working with iOS13 Public Beta 4?

Hi everyone. I’m going on vacation for 3 weeks, and I’m seriously considering migrating my iPad to iOS Public Beta 4. This will be, aside from my phone - that I’m keeping in iOS12, that I’ll be taking with me. I don’t need to do serious work. However, I’d like to have OF working well and synced with the iPhone version.

Is anyone using it in this scenario? Is it reliable enough? Do I need to upgrade OF versions or can I use the latest one non-beta version? Thanks a lot. m.

It’s reliable. There are some graphical issues with Dark Mode. Also I can’t share a task as trying to invoke the share sheet causes a crash. But other than that it works.

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A quick heads up: the people at Ulysses strongly advise(d) against installing iOS beta this time. At least they did in their July 9th blog. New iOS beta releases have surpassed this publication, so this might not be applicable anymore.

Specifically the possible impact on iCloud should be taken into account according to their message. If I understand correctly they suggest that data corruption on iCloud might impact iOS 12 devices.


Thanks so much! Appreciate it…

Thanks Omega. I understand that given your date, this is possibly a couple of versions later. That being said I understand there are always risks. I might try to hold one to the next public beta release. m.

All works good for me. I’m only doing iPadOS at this point, and is syncing fine with IOS12 on iPhone and High Sierra on a couple of MACs.


I have bad experience with updating my MacOS to beta versions as many of my apps are not quite compatible until MacOS comes with a full gold version release. So I have stopped doing that after I have had to clean up my whole Mac and reinstall the last official version of the OS again, and then install all apps fresh again. Takes hours and steals my productivity. Better wat…

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