Is It OK To Run Both OOv4.4 Along With OOPv3.10.5

Hi! I’m so comfortable working with OOPv3.10.5. However, I’d like to use the new OOv4.4 for a different purpose. Is it OK to run both of these Apps on a Mac mini late 2012 running OS 10.10.5?

Please let me know if there could be complications or something could break.

Thank you. Standing by.

@fillip You can definitely do this! OmniOutliner 3 and OmniOutliner 4 save application resources in different locations, so they can run simultaneously just fine.

@ains: That is awesome!

Thank you. It’s custom where I live to show thanks and appreciation
with a bow… m(_ _)m

I’m off to a “double” Omni day… almost like having a double Latte. :)

Thank you ! I feel very good :)