Is it possible for OF3 Pro to…?

… be integrated with Read It Later’s Pocket, please; I’m thinking of buying the latter?

TIA :-)

To do what exactly?

Well, admittedly I’m new to Pocket. But I’ve seen talk of its rival, InstaPaper,… so both to add OF items from Pocket and to add data to Pocket from within OF.

E.g. SAL to return to and read papers/pages saved in Pocket.

You may be out of luck trying to add to Pocket from OF. But IFTTT could be useful to add things to OF when they are added or changed in Pocket.

For example, you could set up the IFTTT email service to use your private OF email address. Then set up an action to send an email when an item is added to Pocket. In this example, a new task would get added in OF whenever you save an article in Pocket.

There might be more options available in IFTTT. This was just a simple example off the top of my head.

Thank you very much, bucs71! I’ll look into that… it seems to be exactly the kind of thing I want. This Pocket page suggests integration with many apps without mentioning OF in particular :-)

I use Zapier to connect Pocket with OmniFocus in the same way that @bucs71 mentioned with IFTTT.

I have it set up so that if I tag something in Pocket with “OmniFocus”, Zapier will create an action in my OmniFocus inbox using my personal OmniFocus inbox email address.

For example, I have an action right now called ‘Read “Hook & OmniFocus – Making Connections” [Pocket highlights]’. I’ve also set up Zapier so that there’s a direct link in the OmniFocus action notes back to the original URL that I saved into Pocket. That way I can choose to read the article in Pocket, or just click on the link in the action notes.

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Terrific. Thanks very much, Chris (and bucs71)!

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