Is it possible to duplicate a perspective? [Yes: Edit->Duplicate]

I’d like to start from a perspective I already have, modify it and save it under a new name. That doesn’t seem to be possible.

Another way to achieve the same thing would be to select a perspective in the Perspectives window and have a button to push to duplicate it.

Is there any chance of something like this being added soon?

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We’ve frozen the feature set and UI for 2.0, but it could potentially be added in a future release.

I suspect that’s not what you meant by “soon”! So it may be faster in the short term to manually recreate the perspective.

Thanks for the answer, even though it’s not what I was hoping to hear.

And then someone realized we already have ‘Duplicate’ in the Edit menu, so we didn’t have to thaw the UI (very much) to sneak this in. Enjoy.


Really, really spiffy! Thanks a lot!!!