Is it possible to filter items by some properties of the project?


I want to create perspective which shows projects (with all content) with specific tag. I’ve used rule “Tagged with any of” and OF shows only Project titles without any content. Is it possible to create a rule to show everything which is “contained within project with following conditions”?

Hi, can you be a bit more specific on what exactly you want?
If I try to reproduce this it does show me all tasks in the project.

What would you want to filter on?

I want to add tag for the project, then filter by tag and then see this project with all tasks in it.
Note: tasks are without any tags.

Here is my “demo project”: [pic. 1]

And here what I see using filter by tag: [pic. 2]

Here is my perspective filter: [pic. 3]

But I want to see all items within a project with certain tag. Is it possible to do so? I tried to look for filter something like “Has a project which has a tag …”, but didn’t find anything. Are there any workarounds to do this?

One single image:

P. S. single image restriction ;(

Just curious, why would you not want to tag the tasks?

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I just don’t want to add tags manually for each task. I’d like to have something like tag inheritance, but that’s impossible for now.

But wouldn’t your tags in the project inherit the project tags?
Mine do…

Only in case you create tasks after creating a project with assigned tag. If I assign tag to the project with tasks then nothing is inherited.

Ah, now I understand.

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