Is it possible to focus a group of projects in forecast view on iPad?


If I want to do this in OmniFocus on Mac I select the folder that contains the projects and set the focus to this folder. Forecast view will then only show tasks related the focussed projects. Is it possible to do this in OmniFocus on iPad?

Enabling Focus on iOS through scripting and tags (and seeking suggestions for faster execution)

If there is, I’ve never found it. The only solution I know of is to create a custom perspective and add the projects you’re interested in using the Focus field.


I’m also looking to do this but as yet haven’t found a way. My normal workflow is to use defer and due dates but its become a time sync as I’m continually tweaking the dates. This weekend I’ve been looking at alternative workflows and really like one of Kourosh Dini’s where he uses a Dashboard perspective to highlight his tasks for today, each project has a trigger action which shows in the dashboard perspective but when ticked off it disappears for a set defer again period. The main project action no longer have defer or due dates but get flagged via the Dashboard. In Kourosh’s workflow on the Mac he views his dashboard perspective and selects one of the trigger actions (this is actually one of the actions in the project) So when he FOCUS’s on that project and then selects his WORKSPACE perspective he sees the remaining or available actions associated with just that highlighted project trigger. I now have mine setup to work in a similar way and now only have to flag the triggers I want to work on each day when planning my day. Unfortunately most of my day is spent on Windows computers so I use the iPad to access Omnifocus. Having a way to focus on a project as you can on the Mac version would be very useful as its makes this workflow really easy to use.


I also would like to see this on IOS


Not on iOS I’m afraid. As @dawiese says only recourse is perspective creation. I think this is possibly coming in a future update.


Focus on iOS is not an option but there are many who’d like it.

Make sure to email with the feature request—not sure that forum posts count for much in terms of Omni’s prioritization processes.