Is it possible to hide names of projects that have no available actions from the "Projects" view?

The question is similar to this post: Hide names of Projects w/out actions from a Perspective?, but instead of wanting to hide project names from a “Contexts” view, I’d like to hide the names of projects from a “Projects” view (one that uses the project hierarchy in the sidebar) and for when you have no specific project selected in that sidebar. In other words, view all of the projects in one list with all of the available actions, but don’t clutter that list with projects that have no possible actions.

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One way I get a similar effect is make an actions-based perspective and group by project. When there are no actions left to do in the project, the heading will disappear.

@lucasburke, One drawback is that the inbox items will appear in your perspective.

It’s been almost two years since this post. I’m running into this issue, as I’ve got lots of projects, several of which have no available items. I’d love for this view to hide these folders with no available items, as it is taking up a lot of space from viewing actions that are workable.

Is this something in the works, and if so, do you have a time frame?

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I would also love this view feature and if my memory serves, which it easily might not, this was possible in the old OmniFocus 1 wasn’t it? I think I recall there being a separate view drop down for the projects sidebar. It was quite ugly compared to the clean lines of OmniFocus 2 but it worked.

Amen. I second. Hear Hear! YAAAAS!

Yeah this is something I’ve been wanting for some time. This is not very nice to look at…

At the risk of beating a dead horse, I would still like to have this feature. OmniFocus 3 has come and still no dice.