Is it possible to highlight text or change text background colour?

Is there any way to change the background colour for a specific portion of text in omnigraffle? To simulate selecting or highlighting? The text inspector background colour doesn’t seem to do anything?

The background colour doesn’t change when choosing a colour.

OmniGraffle Pro 6.0.5
OS X 10.9.2

You can copy-paste from TextEdit. OmniGraffle will preserve your background color.

You should probably report this via email to!

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Could be a bit offtopic, but those working with source code might enjoy the highlight command line tool. It does automated syntax highlighting of clipboard content into different formats such as rtf, which OmniGraffle supports out of the box.

Install from homebrew:
brew install highlight

Example command line:
pbpaste | highlight -S java -O rtf | pbcopy