Is it possible to only show 3 tasks in each context?

I want to limit the amount of possible task i can choose from.

Sorry, it’s not currently possible to set an arbitrary limit on the number of tasks shown in a context. You can, however, switch your context view to First Available (instead of the default Available). This will remove any task from view that’s not the first in its project to be available for you to do. Could that be enough of a limit for your workflow?

If not, we’d love to hear more about the limits you’d like to put in place and how they’d work – feel free to send us an email!

If I am reading this correctly, the intent is to limit what tasks are presented so as to not overwhelm when it comes to making choices about what to do - is that right?

If so, I have found defer dates to be super powerful. By deliberately pushing tasks off of my list of available tasks, I am able to focus on a much slimmer list of options, and then flag from there for things I choose to do on that day (also minding my due/due soon stuff).

The other thing I am doing more is changing projects from parallel to sequential. In this way, things that have to go in sequence prevent tasks I can’t do from being shown to me as options. Historically, I think I had this unconscious idea that projects would either be sequential or parallel from the time I make them to the time I complete them, but that isn’t so - flipping that around as needed by the project is helpful, as is the super power of having a sequential action group inside a parallel project (for big planning).

I’d recommend checking these options out as ways to limit what you are shown as available tasks rather than a universal limitation.