Is it possible to require password each time you logon?

There are people in my office who have access to my work computer, but I want to keep my OmniFocus data private if they were ever to logon. Is it possible to require a password when opening the OmniFocus app each time? Currently it opens and syncs without any prompts – which is nice for speedy access but troubling for privacy.

I can see how that would be really helpful from a security standpoint! Right now there isn’t an option to place a password lock on an OmniFocus client, but we do have a feature request for that! When get a chance, please drop us an email at and we’ll add your +1 to that!

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I need password protection too(

I need password protection too!

Use case:
I have (and use) OmniFocus 3 on ALL FOUR of my devices: personal laptop, work laptop, iPhone, and iPad.
My work laptop can be logged into by my company’s IT team, and so in that sense is almost like a “public computer”. Obviously I do not want them to have access to my personal OmniFocus.

I will email/submit this to


Found a workaround: OmniFocus now has a web interface (currently in testing) which naturally requires you to log in with your username and password. So, on my work laptop, I can delete the OmniFocus app and only access OmniFocus via the web interface. The web interface doesn’t have the full functionality of the app, but that’s likely fine for me on my work laptop. Also, there will eventually probably be a subscription charge?