Is it possible to save view preferences for a project?

I’m finding that view options like outline column widths and the “collapse when not editing” option in the View/Outline menu aren’t persisting when I close and reopen a project. Is this a known issue? I prefer having the lines truncated with ellipses, but I have to enable this setting each time I open my project.

@tonycpsu We’ve actually just fixed the bug that was causing column width adjustments not to save properly! We’re hoping to release OmniPlan 3.8 with this fix fairly soon, but if you’d like to take advantage of the fix right away, test builds of OmniPlan 3.8 are available for download here:

The “Collapse when not editing” setting does not currently save per-document, but we have an open request to implement this functionality. I’ll add your comment to the request in our development database!

@ains: Thanks for the tip about test releases. Column widths do seem to save in the most recent version.

To be clear, the “collapse when not editing” setting doesn’t persist at all for me – not per file, and not globally. I have to manually change it each time I open OmniPlan.

@ains: I can’t seem to export to MPP at all with the most recent test version, OmniPlan-3.8.x-r296796-Test. There’s no error, it just doesn’t create the file at all when trying to export. So I’ve had to go back to 3.7.2, which has the columns bug.

Is this MPP export problem known to exist in the 3.8.x releases?

@tonycpsu Sorry about that! We just caught that bug - it’ll be fixed before we finalize the 3.8 release, and hopefully even sooner than that in the test builds.