Is it possible to set a default project for Quick Entry window?

Subject says it all! thanks in advance for any wisdom.


Not that I’m aware of. I was trying to think of a scripted way to do it, but don’t have a solution. Sorry.

Perspectives is really your best bet. Then buy an iPhone 6s & that has force touch which you can quick add

You can set this up with a Keyboard Maestro macro. Just tab into the Project field, fill it out, and tab out.

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Or a TextExpander snippet. Perhaps even an OS X & iOS text replacement?

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Anybody created any elegant keyboard maestro or text expander solution for this? I would also like a way to do quick entries of todos and then decide whether to change the default project, context and due date…

It’s simple in TextExpander - you’ll see in TE the option to insert keystrokes - one of the options is TAB which moves you from the task name field to the project field. String keystrokes and text together to tab through the fields and type the entries. Obviously the projects/contexts need to already exist.

Good idea. Will look at Text Expander for Keystroke entry…

In the meantime, after posting here, I continued my search and added to a KM macro I found online to achieve the same outcome. I intercept the shortcut for quick entry window and auto populate in that window.

I would share the macro here but it seems I am only able to upload images :(