Is it possible to set a repeating "Strict" Due Date with a "Soft" Defer Date?

Sample Use Case

  • Repeating Task: Update Timesheet every Friday by EOD.
  • I’d like for this task to be available by Friday morning (5AM)
  • During my morning review, I’d like to snooze/defer it until some later point in the day.

I’ve currently set this task set up as follows:

  • Defer date/time of Friday @ 5AM
  • Due Date: Friday @ 5PM

The problem with this set up is that on Friday morning, when I (re)defer the task to (say) 3PM so that I have a cleaner/more focused task list, the next repeating task will have a Friday @ 3PM defer date/time, instead of 5AM.

Any way to solve for this?

Thanks in advance!

I don’t think there’s a way to do this without an automation. You could write a script that you run every day which looks for that task and if it’s not Friday adjusts the defer time to 5am. What might be better though is to set notifications at specific times on the task - for say 3pm. Then at 3pm you get notified, but because it’s a specific time notification (vs a relative time notification) it won’t come along with the repeat.

… starstruck to get a response from you!! 🤩

Thanks and keep doing your thing!!! :D

Thanks for asking this question; it prompted me to finally throw together this plugin that’s been on my list for approximately forever!


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