Is now a good time to buy OmniPlan (iPad)?

Hi, I started using OmniFocus quite recently and although I can get my “tasks” done, I’d like to get a broader picture of my projects for the year. So, I started looking into Omniplan. But, based on some of the threads here, I’m hesitant to buy in because:

  • A remarkable number of threads seem to be big complaints about the bugginess and apparent lack of interest by Omnigroup in furthering this app.
  • I also got the sense that Omniplan doesn’t get the same love and attention that the other apps do and that its is a little old (so not many updates in the future, or maybe an entirely new version is on the horizon?)
  • There is no integration with Omnifocus

Do you all think that Omnigroup will be fixing Omniplan, or will it kinda be left by the wayside a bit?


I guess if you’re trying to do some like the broader picture of your projects for the year, I might suggest using something like a mind map if you tend to think visually. Another way is to use an outline feature in your favorite word processor or an outliner program like omnioutliner.

For the daily, weekly, monthly stuff, I’ll use OmniFocus. For the big picture, I’d use an outside program like OmniOutliner or a mind map program. The one I’m using is iThoughts X for Mac and for iPad.

I am curious in utilizing Kanban boards. This sounds like a great way to keep progress of multiple projects and see how everything fits in the overall scheme of things.

I don’t really know if OmniPlan would be the right program to use for what you want - a broader picture of your projects for the year.

Hi @wilsonng,

Thanks. I think I wasn’t clear in my original post actually. Rather than a mind map, I am looking for a project planner, since I want to assign timelines to the projects and tasks.

But now that I looked into Omniplan more, it seems even more clear that there is no integration with omni focus. Ideally, I would have liked to been able to import or sync somehow, my Omniplan projects and tasks into omni focus. That way, I can make a big plan and lay out a timeline for the tasks and milestones, then work on it from out of Omnifocus.

It may be the case that I just need to input the info twice.

Aaah. Wished there was tighter integration myself. But I’m guessing OmniFocus will need to change its database. I imagine that an OmniFocus user would log in with a user name. Everyone in the team or company would need to have an OmniFocus license. Then omni plan would send the tasks to the delegated user.

I guess omniplan 3 and OmniFocus 3 for multi user collaboration features?

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