Is OmniFocus still being developed?

Hi there,

I’m wondering if OmniFocus is still actually getting developed? There must be a whole host of enhancements, including:

  • forecasting workload/# of tasks upcoming
  • past closures
  • average open time per task between creation date and closure date
  • number of times a task has been deferred
  • duplications, etc.

What’s the current release cycle?


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OmniFocus most definitely is still being developed… for desktop, mobile and web.

See this page.

In my 25+ years using Macs I’ve rarely come across a more dynamic, supportive/responsive and enterprising company than the Omni Group.

You can always send your suggestions for future versions to the staff at Omni - and be assured they’ll reply, take your wishlist into consideration and implement whatever they can if it is consistent with their very ambitious and robust plans.

(Speaking as a long time and very happy user - no ties to Omni myself.)


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