Is pro features worth it?

I’ve read a lot of reviews on omnioutliner but i can’t seem to decide if pro version is worth it or not. For example, Applescript - tried googling some useful OO 4 apple script and didn’t seem to find any.

And the customisation of looks? Doesn’t seem like a big deal to me. Especially when its small stuff like having margins, and hiding handle. One of the thing that’s interesting is hiding columns. But that’s the only thing i can find value in but not 50 Bucks worth of value.

Another thing is export to word documents. Not useful to me. So i guess pro version is not worth it for me?

Thanks for the advise.

You can download the demo and then, I believe, try it in both standard and pro mode. Then you can see for yourself which version meets your needs.

I bought the standard version, so i can’t really “demo” pro now.

custom perspectives? are we talking about omnioutliner?

Oops! My mistake. Sorry everyone. Post withdrawn

Dunno. I bought it though.

Applescript support is the main reason I got Pro, actually. I have a document that I use to keep track of miniatures for tabletop roleplaying games. (You could do the same thing with any collectible, actually.) I have two scripts:

  1. One is a quick count of everything in the inventory by different categories.
  2. The second lets me type in a product SKU, and then it goes to the manufacturer’s website to pull down a product image, product name, and other product details and puts it into the entry.
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Thanks for the advice all. I think its wroth it. Especially the coming row linking feature.