Is there a creative way to track a Seinfeld Calendar in OmniFocus 2?

There are certain daily tasks that I repeat and would like to be able to track like a “Seinfeld Calendar”.

For those unfamiliar, a Seinfeld Calendar is a calendar that also serves as a checklist that allows you to visualize how often you are completing a specific task. Say for example, you have a goal of walking 10,000 steps a day. You would mark each day with a checkmark or an ‘x’ to signify that you completed the task. The goal of the calendar is “Don’t break the chain”… and you can look back over time to see how consistent you’ve been with completing the routine task.

There are iOS apps that perform this function, for example:

Habit List:

But I wish OmniFocus would do this for me… I’m already marking these tasks as completed once… using another app seems a bit redundant.

Ideas, anyone?

I use OmniFocus more often for single one-off tasks and projects. I’ve used Coach.Me for habit forming and the “Don’t break the chain” type of activities.

Think of your apps collection as a toolbox. You have different apps for different purposes. I’ll use Microsoft Word for most of my document writing. But I will use Adobe InDesign for larger publications. I’ll use iDraw for my vector art graphics but I’ll use Pixelmatorr to do photo manipulation. I can also use a hammer to nail down something. But I’ll need a sledge hammer to break down some concrete. It’s a different tool for a different purpose.

When I have finally adopted a habit and it becomes second nature, I no longer need an app to remind me to keep the chain going. I delete the habit from Coach.Me. I’ve noticed that Habitica is another app that game-ifies your habits. Create a Dungeons & Dragons type character, gain experience points when you check off a task and level up until you become a high level character.

As I started off earlier, OmniFocus was better suited for me when I’m working on single one-off tasks and completing projects. While OmniFocus can do some habits with the repeating task, it doesn’t really give feedback with habit forming.