Is there a de-emphasization of defer dates in OF3?

I have been on the beta for OF3 for about a week now and there is one sticking point that I keep running into.

I use defer dates extensively. Almost every task in my OF database has one. However in OF3 when you go to create a new tasks the defer date field is hidden behind a Show More dialogue, which just creates more friction when processing an Inbox.

Is there any insight on why this was done? Am I an outlier with the use of defer dates? Is there possibly a setting that can auto-show those Show More fields that I am missing?

In the inspector if you tap “Show More” there should be a “Customize Inspector” link, you can choose which fields show up by default and which do not.


Awesome. I knew I had to be overlooking something, I just didn’t know exactly where to look until you pointed that out.

Thanks for the help there. The highest of internet high fives for you.