Is there a list of OmniFocus URL schemes?

Does anyone have a list–official or otherwise–of the URL schemes for OmniFocus? I’m trying to craft a URL to point to a particular project within OF. I’m writing this on an iOS device, not on OSX at the moment.

And specifically, is there a way to point to a Project, rather than an individual task?

Thanks, David

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On OSX it is really simple: right-click on the project in the sidebar and select ‘Copy as Link’. But on iOS, I don’t know…

@vloris is right. You can only get the links from OS X.

The same links created when selecting ‘Copy as Link’ in OmniFocus for Mac, also work on iOS. These links look like “omnifocus:///task/xxxxxxx”. Unfortunately, the identifying string after ‘task/’ is a random string of characters. There is not currently a way to discover the specific URL for a task or project from within the iOS versions of OmniFocus.

If this is something you’d really like to see, drop us an email and we’ll be sure add your thoughts to our development database!

It is, however, possible to use URLs on an iOS device to access perspectives:

  • Access the Inbox using a URL of the form omnifocus:///inbox.
  • Access built-in perspectives as well as custom [perspectives][2] (Pro) by their names (not object IDs) using a URL of the form omnifocus:///perspective/Completed.

Just like to add that the following URLs also works for me on my iPhone:

Review perspective: omnifocus:///review
Nearby perspective: omnifocus:///nearby
Flagged perspective: omnifocus:///flagged
Projects perspective: omnifocus:///projects
Contexts perspective: omnifocus:///contexts

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For future reference:

I too would like a way to link directly to a project or folder, but unfortunately that doesn’t seem to be possible at the moment.

This functionality is available on iOS (@kcase wrote about it a few months ago on another thread). Copying from his explanation:

As part of building this, I ended up extending our OmniFocus reference URLs to support name lookups, rather than just identifier lookups, so you can use URLs of the form:


The name lookups support our usual “SmartMatch” completion matching, so if you have a project named “My Project” you’ll be able to use “omnifocus:///task/mp” to get to it (or whatever the first match for “mp” turns out to be).

It doesn’t appear that the functionality has been carried over yet to OmniFocus for Mac, but I imagine we’ll see it eventually.

Oh perfect! I just tried that and it worked great. Thank you so much!

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I am wondering if there is no real API-Documentation existing?

I am trying to implement “create project from template” and wonder if all the API Calls are existing:

  • Search for a Project
  • copy the project including all tasks
  • search and replace some placeholders in the project and tasks
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