Is there a list of URLs to change all the "hidden preferences?"

For the record, I hate hidden preferences; it makes users feel like they’re dumb when someone points out one of them. I also find that not mentioning them in the manual is, well, a bit off-putting; again, it makes me feel like I’m not getting all the information I need.

Is there a list of all these URLs somewhere?

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I have published my – unofficial – list on


Thanks for that.

This URL appears to be for sale now, and the list would be very useful– can it come back? Shouldn’t Omni publish this, if they haven’t?

I agree, there really should be an official list (@SupportHumans) - but until there is, here is the current link to the above post (since @JeroenSangers moved his blog to a different URL). As a backup use this cached version.

Just in case, I’ve checked a version of this with some formatting changes to: