Is there a quick way to file tasks into projects? [A: inspector or drag & drop]

Is there a quick way to file actions into projects?

I find that I am often forwarding email to my inbox. When I visit OmniFocus, I would like to shift-select these tasks and assign in one go a project to the selected task. I don’t see how this can be done. The only way I know how is to individually go into each task and assign its project, but when there are many tasks this becomes tedious.

Anyone know a quick solution?

If you have multiple tasks selected, the inspector on the right hand side should allow you to update properties for all of the selected tasks, including assigning a project to all of them in one go.

If you’re not seeing the Inspector appear on the right, you can open it by pressing OPT+CMD+I or selecting “Show Inspector” on the View menu.

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You can also open a second OmniFocus window to show your projects, then you can drag-and-drop tasks from the inbox in the first window, to the projects in the second.

How to open a second OmniFocus window with your project outline:

  • via File > New Window ⌥⌘N, select projects as viewmode
  • via File > Quick Open… ⌘O, projects, and make sure ‘Open in a new window’ is checked
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Got it! Very helpful tips. Thank you!

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